Learn about the qualities of our honey: more than 16 varieties Gathered in an artisanal way.

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This excellent honey from the Mediterranean area is of amber color and has a pleasant taste and aroma. When it crystallizes its color becomes... Add to cart
Rosemary honey just collected is beaten to obtain a creamy and attractive texture. It is easy to spread and has a pleasant taste. Jar 500 g. or 1 Kg.  Add to cart
This honey is light in color, very sweet, mild and has a delicate aroma. It is sedative, aiding sleeping and is also suitable for problems with... Add to cart
This honey has the same properties as lemon honey since both are obtained from the nectar of citrus blossoms but its aroma and flavors are... Add to cart
This honey has a characteristic taste which is very pleasant, as well as tonic and antispasmodic properties that relieve stubborn coughs and... Add to cart
This honey has a unique flavor, and because of its soothing properties it is highly recommended for respiratory problems, colds, chills etc. Jar... Add to cart
This honey has a high mineral content, helping anemia and demineralization. Relieves bronchial, lung and asthmatic problems. Jar 500 g. or 1 Kg. Add to cart
This honey is suitable for respiratory problems with cough and for asthma. It is a good antiseptic for gastrointestinal , respiratory and urinary... Add to cart
Heather honey has a strong taste and a dark color. It is one of the honeys that has the most iron, minerals and resins and is therefore good for... Add to cart
This honey has a very intense taste and aroma and varies according to the predominant flower. It contains many resins and plant glues. It is... Add to cart
Medlar honey is mild, very aromatic, rich in sugars and has a very pleasant taste. It has a sedating effect, calms nervousness and irritability.... Add to cart
This honey is dark and has a very particular intense flavor. It is diuretic and cleansing. Add to cart

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