El Morellano, Goats Cheese with Truffle

13,50 €


Made exclusively with goat's milk from the herds of the region. The black truffle is added to the cheese to obtain a very characteristic, smooth, balanced and aromatic flavor.

Piece 430 g.

Ingredientes: LECHE PASTEURIZADA de cabra, trufa, sal, cuajo, estabilizador E-509 y conservador (Lisozoma de HUEVO).

Información Nutricional por 100g.: Valor energético 1860KJ (449Kcal), Grasas 37g. de las cuales saturadas 27g. Hidratos de Carbono 2g. de los cuales azúcares <0,3g. Proteínas 26g. Sal 1,10g.


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  • 4 € for orders on Peninsula.
  • 8 € for orders on Balearic Islands.
  • If weight is over 20 kg. surcharge of 0.50 €/kg
  • Canary Islands and Foreign countries consult by e-mail.

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