Semicured Goat, El Morellano Servilleta

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This is a semi cured cheese, made with whole pasteurized goat milk, and matured a minimum of 6 weeks. Its characteristic form comes from the use of a cloth instead of the habitual molds. The interior is compact with small holes. Its color is chalky white and its texture is somewhat elastic. Its taste is mild, buttery and reminds you of goat milk. It is an excellent cheese that is widely accepted because of its balanced taste and texture.

Whole 1kg or half piece 500g

Ingredientes: LECHE PASTEURIZADA de cabra, fermentos lácteos, cuajo y sal. Queso madurado graso.

Información Nutricional por 100g: Valor energético 1565KJ (374Kcal), Grasas 33g de las cuales saturadas 24g, Hidratos de Carbono 1,2g de los cuales azúcares 1,1g, Proteínas 19g, Sal 1g.

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