Nature is the fountain of life. Different herbs and teas are waiting to take care of your body and mind.

Chinese Tea from the province of Kwang-tung, long leaf with an exotic aroma of jasmine flowers. It has an intense flavor and a sweet delicate... Add to cart
It is a mixture of traditional Chinese tea and Indian tea delicately scented with bergamot oil aroma. Its name comes from the English Earls of Grey... Add to cart
This tea comes from South Africa. I doesn’t contain caffeine and has a relaxing effect, suitable for insomnia, nervousness and stress. It is... Add to cart
Black tea with natural cinnamon extract and aroma. Add to cart
This tea comes from the herbaceous plant Hibiscus or Carcade which grows in tropical areas. Its red flowers, previously dried in the sun, are used.... Add to cart
The classic green tea with mint extracts and aromas. Add to cart
Blend of black teas from Darjeeling, Assami and Ceylon with natural mint extract and aroma. It’s an ideal combination of aroma and taste.  Add to cart
A selected blend of Indian teas with natural honey extract and aromas. Add to cart
It has been recently discovered as the most potent natural antioxidant, containing three times more polyphenols than green tea and is more... Add to cart
It is a fermented black tea from the second crop (second flush). It makes a slightly golden infusion, very aromatic and full of flavor, and... Add to cart
It is one of the most famous varieties of teas. It is a black tea with short whole leaves, producing a golden colored infusion and a delicious... Add to cart
Very popular throughout the Mediterranean area. Aids digestion and is also good for coughs and colds. Add to cart

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