Learn about the qualities of our honey: more than 16 varieties Gathered in an artisanal way.

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This excellent honey from the Mediterranean area is of amber color and has a pleasant taste and aroma.  Add to cart
It is obtained from the nectar of the orange blossom and its aroma is mild. Add to cart
This honey has a very intense taste and aroma and varies according to the predominant flower.   Add to cart
It has an unmistakable flavor due to its balsamic properties.   Add to cart
A honey with a dark amber color, intense and aromatic flavor.  Add to cart
It has a high content of minerals, which is very suitable to combat anemia and demineralization.   Add to cart
Rosemary honey just collected is beaten to obtain a creamy and attractive texture.  Add to cart
 It has a very pleasant characteristic flavor. Add to cart
This honey is light in color, very sweet, mild and has a delicate aroma.  Add to cart
Heather honey has a strong taste and a dark color.  Add to cart
This honey is very smooth and has a very delicate taste.  Add to cart
Produced from the nectar of anise flowers.  Add to cart

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