Longaniza Extra "El Morellano"

8,60 €


This sausage is made with meat that comes from carefully selected pigs. The ham and pork are chopped with pieces of bacon which gives texture to the mixture and a special delicate taste. It is seasoned with salt and black pepper. This mixture is made into sausages using natural casings and is left to dry until adequately cured. The result is a sausage of exceptional texture and flavor ready for consumption.

Weight 300 g.

Ingredientes: Magro y panceta de cerdo, LACTOSA, LECHE en polvo, sal, caseinato, antioxidantes (E-325, E-331, E-316), conservantes (E-252, E-250), pimienta y dextrosa.

Información Nutricional por 100g: Valor energético 1732KJ (416Kcal), Grasas 30,12g de las cuales saturadas 11,02g - Hidratos de Carbono 5,36g de los cuales azúcares 3,34g - Proteínas 30,94g - Sal 3,84g.

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  • 5 € for orders on Peninsula.
  • If weight is over 10 kg surgarge of 0,60 €/kg
  • Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Foreign countries consult by e-mail.

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