Chorizo Extra "El Morellano"

9,90 €

  • Normal
  • Spicy

The ingredients of this sausage are lean pork meat, bacon, paprika and garlic. The correct amount of each is carefully chopped and formed into a sausage using natural casings. It is left to dry in a cool and dry place in order to obtain a chorizo of exceptional taste and quality. There are two varieties: NORMAL and SPICY.

Weight 450 g.

Ingredientes: Jamón, paleta y panceta de cerdo, pimentón, sal, ajo y oregano. SIN GLUTEN -  SIN COLORANTES NI CONSERVANTES.

Información Nutricional por 100g: Valor energético 2231KJ/530 Kcal - Grasas 37,1g de las cuales saturadas 15,8g - Hidratos de Carbono 3,9g de los cuales azúcares <0,5g - Proteínas 30,1g - Sal 2,34g.

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  • 5 € for orders on Peninsula.
  • If weight is over 10 kg surgarge of 0,60 €/kg
  • Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Foreign countries consult by e-mail.

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