Sheep mild "Los Corrales"

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Los Corrales is a family of artisanal cheese makers.  Their cheeses are made by hand with raw sheep and goat milk.  They do not use additives, waxes or fungicides.  Their production is small and limited. MILD SHEEP CHEESE This is a cheese made of pasteurized milk that has been cured for forty days. It is a pressed cheese, with a firm and elastic texture. Its fragrance is very pleasant and its taste is mild and exquisite. People of all ages like this cheese, which is ideal to eat alone or with dried fruits, marmalades or salads.

Whole 1.200g or Half piece 600g

Ingredientes: LECHE PASTEURIZADA de oveja.

Información Nutricional por 100g: Valor energético 1603KJ (383Kcal). Grasas 33g de las cuales saturadas 23g. Hidratos de Carbono 2,96g de los cuales azúcares <1g. Proteínas 20,7g. Sal 1,8g.

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